Tonique Hair

69 Stanley street Darlinghurst

NSW 2010

P : 02 9331 3895

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Tonique Hair was established in 2002.


Designed to bring luxury to your life and hair.


Pushing the limits with continual professional learning, we are forever striving to achieve outstanding results for our clients.


We have an ambition to see Ladies and Gentlemen look their best at every moment of their day.


Prescription styling is paramount for accessing the look you truly desire.


A Visagist looks at all there is to know about you and your lifestyle.


We have access services that can change your life from the simplest of tweaks to a complete overhaul of your home, hair and style.


Here to change your life with a little bit of a luxury Tonique...


2002 is when Tonique was born.  Hard to remember a time when it wasn’t part of my life. 


Hair is a magical accessory and can often tell the tale before words are spoken. 


I look at my clients from the perspective of being in their seat. It’s not about me, it’s about them. 


How do they manage their hair? What time, if any, do they have? What sort of lifestyle have they created for themselves? What type of career have they built? Do they have children? What do they do for fun? How often do they wash their hair? How often do they return to the salon for upkeep? What colours do they wear? Eye colour? Skin tone? Face shape? How are they from a psychological perspective? 


While it may seem a lot to some, these answers all come from having a chat and consultation. 


Over many years and countless consultations, I have been able to understand and often ‘read between the lines’ for what clients are asking for.  


I like to be straightforward.  I like my clients knowing exactly what I am thinking! What exactly the time and outlay it will be to achieve their goals.


I can offer thousands of suggestions, but at the end of the day, its your own hair and you need to be comfortable. 



Away from Tonique


I am blessed with an incredible partner and two beautiful children. 


I head up two not-for-profit community organisations:

Lane Cove Theatre Company 

Cammeraygal School of Performing Arts


Not only giving back to the community but also creating a safe, inclusive environment for anyone that wants to perform or be apart of the theatre community.